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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Mock Exams for Form Four 2020 - All Regions

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How to Love and Enjoy School


Many students tend to equate school with boredom, but they are so wrong. Did you know that you can control how fun school is for you?

Yes, school can be fun, but it will take a bit of effort from you. After practicing the tips you'll find here in this article, school will become more and more enjoyable for you and worth your while.

Here are some helpful tips to enjoy school:


Get to know your teachers

When you start seeing your math teacher as a motorcycle-loving guy with a weakness for really bad knock-knock jokes, you’ll get past the endless word problems he throws at you and start having fun. Really.


Stop struggling

Can’t figure out how to write a thesis statement? Stop feeling bad about your poor English grades and enlist the help of your teacher, a tutor or a friend who writes really well. You’ll feel like your achieving something, especially when your grades begin to soar. Go you!


Make a friend in every class

Seeing a friendly face (and having a solid partner) every period will make even the toughest class seem less daunting. Remember, there’s power in numbers.


Revamp your goals

If your New Year’s resolution was to score all A’s this semester, rethink that goal. Maybe it’s not practical to turn your borderline B’s into a perfect report card, but you can master French verb conjugations or totally dominate your oral presentation in History.


Celebrate small accomplishments

You got a 90 on a quiz in bio? Heck yeah! Give yourself a pat on the back, tape up your paper in your locker or over your desk and reward yourself with a treat. You deserve it.


Student Attendance

Did you know that you could fail a subject or even a grade from not attending school? Yikes! Not only will you miss important lessons and assignments, but after missing so many days, you may be asked to provide doctor's notes or even be summoned to court with your parents to explain your absences. After so many days missed, you could automatically fail and be held back.

Make sure to attend school every day. Of course, if your legitimately ill or experience some other difficulty, it is okay to miss a day or two, but make sure to get all of your missed assignments and complete them in the time given to you.