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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Tangaza nasi leo

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- Tunakupa nafasi ya kutangaza biashara yako katika Tovuti yetu ya Elimu ya Msomi Bora.

- Msomi Bora ni Tovuti kubwa sana ya Elimu hapa Tanzania, na Afrika ya Mashariki kwa Ujumla.

- Tangaza Shule, Chuo, Tuition Center, Taaluma yako au biashara yoyote ile.

- Maelfu ya watu wataiona Biashara yako kupitia Msomi Bora.

Shule yako itapatikana Mtandaoni
- Tutakuwekea Makala (Post) ambayo itakuwa na Taarifa kuhusu Shule yako
- Makala hii itawekwa mwanzoni mwa Blog, kila mtu akiingia ataiona
- Makala hii itaendelea kubaki humo kwenye Blog
- Makala hii pia itawekwa kwenye mitandao yetu ya kijamii.
- Watu watakuwa wakiitafuta shule yako mtandaoni, wataipata kirahisi.

Taarifa kuhusu Shule yako inahusisha picha nzuri za Mazingira kama vile Madarasa, Maabara, Viwanja vya michezo, picha za matukio kama vile mahafali n.k

Gharama ya Kutangaza
- Tsh. 20,000 tu kwa sasa
- Shule yako itakuwa mtandaoni muda wote
- Wahi mapema, hii ni bei ya Ofa.

Wasiliana nasi

Phone: 0719 521 710

Email: lamekism76@gmail.com  


Msomi Bora is one of the most visited and popular education blogs in Tanzania.

We provide a chance for our readers and other educational stakeholders to advertise in our Blog.

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We can publish a sponsored post about your business,website, blog, start up, OR add your website address into an existing blog post as a sponsor of the post. For FREE, We will promote the post on my Social networks as well.

The target audience is aged between 18-60 years old.
MsomiBora.com view's in 50+ countries, but the target audience resides mainly in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, with large concentrations in the US and Western Europe as well. Is a great place to promote your products or service. 

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Phone: +255719 521 710

Email: lamekism76@gmail.com  



1. Supportive and Strong Community

We truly believe that to be a good school, a strong community is required. A good school should build and foster a sense of belonging where every voice is considered and respected. Pupils and teachers alike should never feel like they’re alone or unwanted and everyone should make a conscious effort to support each other in reaching a shared goal of success for the individual and the school.


2. A great school offers a clean and well-organised environment that is conducive to learning.

One excellent way to support better learning in school is to provide the students with a clean and well-organised environment where they can develop their skills and increase their knowledge. A clean and comfortable school setting helps enhance the teaching and learning experience. So, saying, a school administrator must rely on a professional cleaning service to maintain the orderliness and cleanliness of the school premises. To find professional cleaning services in Australia that offer exclusive school cleaning contracts or provide specialised cleaning services, we at EISAU can help you. Our lists of cleaning contractors are qualified and experienced school cleaners and maintenance staff that have undergone extensive screening and comprehensive training process.


3. Quality Education

Education is the foremost thing that you should consider when looking for schools. A good school will always offer quality education to its students and ensure their all-around development. The syllabus followed by the school should be comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of learning and must be updated regularly. The curriculum should also provide scope for students to explore extracurricular activities like sports, art, music, etc. It’s important that your child receives quality education from veteran teachers who have years of experience in their respective subjects. The teaching methodology adopted by the school must be such that it enables students to become confident individuals who are capable enough to face challenges in life with ease.

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