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Monday, September 20, 2021

Zanzibar | Mock Exams | Form Four | 2020

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Form Four Mock Examinations 2020


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Feel Enjoyable wnen Studying

Try Role-Play

For any subject with stories and characters – Theatre Studies, English Literature and History are the obvious examples – one way to get your head around the topics is to pretend that you are one of the characters, and roleplay as them for a while.

Thinking these things through might seem silly, but they can test your knowledge of the subject you’re studying in a way that just going over your notes might not, opening up new avenues that you could explore – for instance, might it matter how old Henry VIII was at the time? What does that tell you about how his outlook changed during his lifetime? If you’re studying with a friend, you could try to have a conversation in character. You might not have enjoyed this kind of activity in the classroom, but if you really know your stuff, it becomes more rewarding and enjoyable