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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Pre-Necta and Mock Exams with ANSWERS


Pre-Necta and Mock Exams with ANSWERS


Exams with Marking Schemes for Form 4 and 6

From different Regions of Tanzania

1. Pre-Mock Dodoma - April 2021 - Form 4

2. Mock Dodoma - 2020 - Form 4

3. Pre-Necta - Kilimanjaro - 2020 - Form 4

4. Pre-Mock - Kilimanjaro - Form 6


We sell the exams in packages


One Region = Tsh. 3000

Two Regions = 5000

Three Regions = 7000


Call us 0763 243437 or 0719 521710

We send the exams and answers via Whatsap or Email 

What is the Importance of Exams?

We can know our real knowledge, and exam is just a part of testing the knowledge. Through exam, student knows their knowledge and compare to other students. Some of the students in the world, they have not a chance to know where their knowledge is.

A student will having a war between their class mates because they compete with each other with their knowledge and exam is the ground at their they see who is the best among them. and due to exam, their compete with each other’s  and it might be generate interest and excitement on topic that not interest. And from the exam they can improve their confidence level, and level of knowledge.