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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Mock Examinations for Form Two - All Subjects


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Form Two 2022

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Techniques for Classroom Managenent

1. Be prepared for your teaching day

Even if you aren’t required to submit lesson plans, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them. There’s a lot to manage throughout the day, and not knowing what you are supposed to be teaching can easily destroy a good day. Develop plans that work for your teaching style, accommodate all learners, go along with curriculum standards, and pique the curiosity of your students. It may sound daunting, but the more you do it, the better you’ll get. A well-planned day can make the difference between tired and flat-out exhausted.


2. Avoid Punishing the Whole Class

Punishing the whole class can harm classroom management in the long run because it hurts the students who are behaving correctly. Instead of punishing the whole class, it can help to gently call out students who are misbehaving by engaging them back into the class topic. This can be a question such as, “Do you have a question?” or “Do you need help?” instead of disparaging the student for misbehaving.


3. Maintain authority in the classroom throughout the year

You meant it when you started the year, but it’s easy to relax a bit as the year moves along. When you tell kids to stop talking and get back to work, but you don’t follow through, you are effectively telling them it doesn’t matter that much. This can lead to teachers raising their voices and saying things they regret. You don’t have to be mean; you just have to mean it. So make a list of rules that are effective and really matter to you and then share them with your students. Post them visibly and refer to them often.


4. Make positive phone calls to students’ families

Another important classroom management technique is the positive phone call home. Many teachers fall into the trap of only calling home when there is an issue to report. While these calls are necessary and worthwhile, calls for celebration are equally, if not more, important. Every parent wants to hear positive news about their child, and this reinforcement almost always makes its way back to the student. Try to make one positive call to a different student’s home every single day, even if it’s simply to report on a nice comment a kid made in class. This means so much to parents and students and usually translates to positive classroom behavior as well.


5. Make sure that students understand the why and how behind your rules

Just because you’ve stated, shared, and posted your classroom rules, doesn’t mean students know what they mean. Your version of no talking might be different from theirs. Human beings talk for lots of reasons, so keep appropriate expectations. It might even be okay to joke around a bit as long as a student is staying focused on the task at hand. Some teachers find great success with acting out ways of talking that are effective.


6. Keep A Friendly Disposition

This brings us to the next tip: keeping a friendly disposition in the classroom. This is a mixture of modelling behavior, offering positive comments instead of negative ones, and generally approaching students with a smile and a kind word.


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