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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Mock Exams for Form Two 2021

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Form Two 2021

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How to Prepare the Coming Exams

Have exams coming up? Sometimes the pressure you feel can help keep you focused, other times it can cause stress. Check out these tips to help you cope with stress during exam time.

Revision Tips

Make a realistic revision schedule 

Work out how much you have to do and the time you have to do it in, then break it down into manageable chunks. Aim to do a few hours of revision each day, and mix up your subjects so you do not get bored.

Find a revision style that suits you

Studying alone in a quiet room suits some people, but not everyone likes working in silence. Try playing music quietly in the background, or revising with a friend (but do not let them distract you!).

Customise your notes to make them more personal

Experiment with colour coding, notes on postcards, diagrams or whatever helps you learn your topic.

Make sure you understand everything

If you come across something you do not understand, try to find a new source of information that will help you understand it. Just memorising it will not help you in your exam. Do not be afraid to ask your teacher or a friend for help if you need it.

Look at past exam papers

It means you can familiarise yourself with the layout and type of questions you'll be asked. Practise completing exam papers in the set time limit to improve your exam technique.

Take regular short breaks

Studying for hours and hours will only make you tired and ruin your concentration, which may make you even more anxious. A break every 45 to 60 minutes is about right.

Reward yourself

For example, you could take a long bath or watch a good movie once you have finished your revision session.

Do something physical

When you're not revising, use your spare time to get away from your books and do something active. Exercise is good for taking your mind off stress and keeping you positive, and it will help you sleep better.

Ask for help

If you're feeling stressed, it's important to talk to someone you trust, such as a family member, teacher or a friend. Lots of people find exams difficult to deal with, so do not be embarrassed to ask for support.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself while you study

Take care of your body and help your mind get ready for your final. Getting a good night’s sleep, eating a good meal the morning of your exam, and drinking enough water can make a positive difference in your exam grade.

Reasons to Be Happy During an Exam

Happiness is the key to good results. A happy brain is able to think fast and make better decisions. Serotonin is called the happiness hormone which is released when you are happy and satisfied. Appropriate levels of serotonin improve memory, and following are some of the other factors:

- Enhanced long-term and short-term memory,

- Better ability to think logically,

- Improved reasoning skills,

- Ability to combat stress,

- Capacity to learn more in short time.