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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Pre-Necta Exams for Standard Seven - All Regions


English Medium

Exams From:

Different Districts, Regions and Organisations in Tanzania

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Presence of Water in Schools

Drinking Water Improves Brain Function

Here’s an interesting fact; our brain is about 75% water. That’s right! Many studies suggest that being adequately hydrated ensures the brain functions optimally. For students, it means greater clarity and focus, enabling them to think and absorb lessons faster while improving their concentration levels. Water also helps boost long term and short term memory, which helps students to easily recall what they have learned.

How can you encourage students to drink water?

Make sure water fountains in your school are functioning and maintained. Ensure that there are enough water fountains. Teachers and administrators can help by allowing and encouraging students to fill water bottles to carry with them during the day.