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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Pre-Necta Exams for Standard Seven 2022 - All Subjects

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Class Seven 2022

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Things to consider towards your Final Exams

1. Study with Classmates

In addition to making friends, forming study groups in each of your classes is a valuable—and fun—way to review for tests. Working together helps develop good study habits, increases collaboration on group projects, and boosts confidence. “Find a partner to compare notes with,” Oliver adds. “You can work together, study together, help each other, and push each other to be better.”


2. Make the Most of Class Time

Attend all class sessions, pay close attention to the lectures, and take notes in a way that makes sense for you. The goal is to be able to understand your notes when you review them later.

“Taking good notes means you pay more attention during class,” suggests Oliver, a Chinese international student at the University of Kansas. “When you prepare for the test, it will be really helpful.” And if something does not make sense, raise your hand and ask, or make a note to follow up with your professor or teacher assistant (also known as a TA) after class.

3. Stay Organized

Scheduling class meetings, homework, assignments, projects, and study sessions is crucial to staying organized. Use a planner to keep track of deadlines, dates, and times so you do not forget anything important. Check your class syllabus for key dates and plan out the time for a study schedule that works for you.