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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Pre-Necta Exams for Primary Schools - All Regions

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Schemes of Work 2024

Kenya Notes


Standard Four and Seven

English Medium and Swahili Medium

Exams From

Different Districts, Regions and Organisations in Tanzania

To download the Exams click the links below:



The Importance of Doing Exams

“Exams” – Many of the students got shrink when they heard an exam’s words because their exam mentality is feeble; maybe they don’t know about the importance of exams. Here one question arises every time, “Does an examination is important!?” YES, obviously exams are the most important. Let me explain to you how!


Exams build confidence

Exams develop confidence which increases a student’s personality in a hard-working manner. Confidence comes from knowing that you are perfect at what you do. During exam time, many students become stressed about their exam performance, and they do hard work to try to give their best performance. When students get good grades, it boosts their confidence levels and makes them motivated.


Exams improve learning

Exams improve learning and enable people to take on new information. It helps to widen people’s horizons and make them outstanding. Moreover, exams have helped many to become better readers, learners and researchers.

ated to study hard.