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Friday, January 5, 2024

Computer Notes for Form Four - KENYA - Download All Topics

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Kenya Notes

These notes follow the Kenya Syllabus. The notes have been prepared by qualified professional teachers.

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1.   Start Studying Early

Studying for an exam or completing an assignment the day before or worse, the day that it's due will lead to exhaustion and frustration. If you start your assignments early you’ll allow yourself plenty of time to do research, meet with your professor, or arrange a study session with your classmates to find out the solution to your problem. Once you master how to study for computer science exams, you could serve as a resource for other students in your study session.


2.   Develop practical computer skills

Most of the practical computer skills you develop can be from the courses you take, but some of them you can develop on your own. For example, practicing creating small programs can help you learn a lot about programming that classes may not teach you. You can also practice rebuilding computer hardware and even designing and building your own computer to meet any needs you have. Other practical skills you can develop include learning mathematics that support the direction you want to develop as a computer scientist and learning how computer hardware has changed since the invention of modern computers.


3.   Work With a Development Team

Of course, working with a team is a great strategy to become a better computer science college student. While it is important to learn independent working and self-motivation skills, you will also need to be expert in programming collaboratively. Of course, studying and learning with a group of fellow students offers a lot of advantages. After all, this will teach you to become a team player, learn from others, and accelerate the learning process. When you work independently, your ideas and objectives may not always be correct. Working collaboratively, on the other hand, you can continuously validate your performance and adopt new computer science strategies. Absolutely, work with a team to become a more versatile, collaborative, and effective CS college student.


4.   Create a Routine

Create a routine with enough structure that your health and grades do not suffer. Ensure you have plenty of time to confirm your code works before you turn in that assignment, watch that video lecture, or practice the new coding language you’re trying to learn. You should also make sure that you have time to eat, sleep, and take breaks to do activities you enjoy. However, your routine needs enough flexibility in case you oversleep, your assignment due date changes, or your assignment or break takes longer than you thought.