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Friday, January 5, 2024

Chemistry Notes for Form Four - KENYA - Download All Topics

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These notes follow the Kenya Syllabus. The notes have been prepared by qualified professional teachers.

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1. Understand the basics

Doing well in chemistry could be far easier than you think. Understand the basic concepts of the subject. Once you get clarity about the basics of chemistry or the fundamentals, move ahead with the complex or advanced level. It will help you to seek the necessary information you need to understand. Then, take your time to learn more about advanced formulations and calculations. With this step, you could use your time and effort that support you to score well for homework, assignments, and tests.


2. Ask lots and lots of questions!

Scientists ask questions - all the time! Especially WHY! Instructors always appreciate when students ask questions because it shows they are listening and really thinking about the material.

Ask “what does that really mean?” in each section while you read the chapter.

Ask “why” of a problem as you decide what it is asking and how to solve it.

Ask questions about the lecture and section material. If you are reviewing material on your own write these questions down. If you can answer them on your own, great! If you are stuck, then take them along with you to office hours or a study group. Then you won’t forget and you’ll make sure you get a more thorough understanding of everything.


3. Take plenty of notes. 

You can think of this as writing a “summary” of class: what did the teacher lecture about; what new topics or equations were introduced; what relevant questions were asked and how where they answered?

This is especially important in the chemistry classroom. New concepts and equations will be built on those that you’ve covered earlier in the semester (or quarter), so it’s important that you understand ideas of chemistry. Having these written in your notes will help you remember.

Pinning down the important points that your instructor has presented in a class period will help you to understand key topics and ideas.


4. Lab Work for maintaining good grades in chemistry

For those who are torn between practical and theory and don’t know how to get good grades in chemistry, lab work is the best chance. Extensive use of a laboratory is a requirement if you understand chemistry. Students use the time in the lab to conduct experiments and go through different tests to know formulations and their effects if they are eager to learn chemistry and want to get a high score in this subject. Take advantage of this time and convert your theoretical knowledge into practical understanding. The practical application is always a better approach to empower them with root-level understanding than rote memorisation.