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Monday, February 20, 2023

Mock Exams for Form Six 2023 - All Regions - All Subjects

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Form Six 2023

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Qualities of a Good School

A quality plan and policy 

A good school has a clear and shared goal or vision which makes the performance of everyone within the school better to achieve the end goal and different from other poorly-performed schools. It promotes the growth of every student by using every possible opportunity, gift, advantage, and resource which cannot be seen by lower-performing schools. Its work can substantially and visibly improve the society in which the school lies. Only a good school can adapt to changes in the educational sector.


Clean and well-organized school premises that are conducive to learning

A good school will maintain hygiene and have a comfortable setting for students to be able to develop their skills and grasp knowledge. Cambridge School is one of the top schools in Greater Noida and is known for its green, safe, spacious, and well-organized infrastructure to ensure effective space for proper child learning and growth.


One On One Communication with Students Is Vital.

Yes…sometimes it is easier to deliver information to a whole group, but sometimes the time spent on one to one meetings is worth it. Kids need to be seen and heard and their opinions and ideas need to be valued. Education doesn’t happen to them, it happens with them. This is where the quietly disengaged are often discovered. They don’t make a fuss, they get decent grades, but they aren’t striving or excelling. One interview can completely turn that around.


A School Must Provide an Outstanding Education.

After that, it can be whatever the stakeholders want… whether it is religious, sporting, innovative, performing arts, leadership, etc. Parents and students need to know and appreciate that order of priority too.