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Friday, February 3, 2023

Form Two - Exams with Answers - Download All Subjects (Solved Exams)

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Characteristics of an Effective Classroom

Student Engagement

An essential aspect that is necessary for learning is student engagement and attention. A teacher that comes up with innovative ways to enhance the student’s engagement usually delivers a better understanding of the topics. Students also feel motivated and subsequently learn better. In the present age, technology has proven to be a boon in enhancing learning practices. The teaching sessions have become more interactive and exciting for students. Ease in grasping concepts can be achieved through student engagement.

Other than technology, teachers can utilize different activities like games, quizzes, discussion groups, and debates to improvise a student’s engagement. Let the students decide what they need to learn and what they want to pursue.


Effective Housekeeping

Housekeeping demands adequate time and task management. Every day in a class brings new goals for the students, and teachers and students ought to complete daily work tasks, as per the schedule decided. I active organization can extend the period required in the completion of a particular job and subsequently affect the whole program.

Therefore, teachers need to ensure that a proper amount of time is assigned for every activity. Breaks are provided to look after the personal needs.