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Friday, June 2, 2023

Exams for Form Six - Midterm, Terminal and Annual Exams - Download All Subjects


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Download the Exams for Form Six

Get more than 10,000 exams from different schools of Tanzania
All Subjects
2010 - 2023

We have big packages of Exams such as:
- Monthly, MidtermTerminal and Annual Exams

Also Download:

How to Download Exams

For Mobile Users

- You will click the packages to download the exams

- The exams have been combined in a Zip File 

- Your phone must have an ability to open the Zip files

- Then you will be able to access the exams

- You may use Wps Office or Zip File Extractor (apps), if your phone is not able to open the zip files

For Desktop, Laptop Users
- No problem to download and access the exams

To download the Exams, click the packages below: