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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Form Six - Exams with Answers - Download All Subjects (Solved Exams)

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Reasons to Solve Past Papers

In this highly competitive world, every student is trying their best to ace the academics and trying hard to get selected in highly deemed universities via cracking entrance exams. One of the mainstream practices to get familiar with an exam/test pattern is to solve as many previous year questions as one can.


Best revision strategy for any exam

The previous year’s question paper is a treasure hunt for anyone looking to revise for the exams thoroughly. It is one of the most reliable ways to review all of the information read in textbooks.

Previous year’s question papers provide access to top-tier revision questions the same way students would experience in the given exam. It will also train their minds to work the same way they would when studying for exams.

Thus answering questions from previous tests will provide students with optimal insights and help them master their revision strategy, giving them the highest confidence to attend the real examination.

 Practicing time management through solving past year question papers

It will not only boost your confidence level while attempting an exam but also helps you to practice good time management tactics one needs to ace an exam to finish a question well within the time limits in the given time constraints.

Assists in comprehending the challenges

For any learner, simply studying the chapter’s contents is insufficient. It is primarily because reading the chapter will not assist the student grasp the challenges. One can, however, comprehend their concerns by practising the previous year’s question paper. When the student solves these, they would be unable to address some of the questions on the paper. As a result, they will return to their textbook and study for the exam. It frequently aids them in obtaining good grades in the final examinations.

Disadvantages of Exams


Comparison between students

A student who scores a D on their math test is expected to be compared to students who score an A. Every child learning ability is different. A significant problem posed by testing is the comparison between children/students, which ignores that all individuals are different from one another. Some students learn new concepts efficiently, while others are more proficient in sports.


Brings along a lot stress and anxiety

Exam season brings with it a lot of anxiety and stress in the lives of students. There are many students who find it very difficult to memorize the topics due to excessive stress and anxiety. Some really find it impossible to concentrate on their studies. This stressful situation make the students go bananas and they eventually are not able to perform well in their exams scoring lower grades.