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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Terminal Exams with Answers - FORM FOUR - Download All Subjects - (Solved Exams)

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Significance of Solving Past Papers

Helps the student to plan his examination

Planning is important in every sphere of life. Proper planning helps the candidate execute these perfectly. This, in turn, helps them gain success. As previous year question papers contain the same time, the same pattern of question and similar types of questions so they help the aspirants to plan properly for their examination. This planning is extremely important as it takes them to a better place mentally during the examination. It helps them feel that they can write the correct answers. This again helps them score the desired marks in the exam hall.


Helps to understand the important parts of the syllabus

The syllabus for the exam contains several chapters. In addition to this, every chapter has many sections. Additionally, each section has plenty of information related to it. However, not all these are important. Previous year question papers contain segments from the vital parts of the chapter. Thus it helps the aspirant understand the critical regions of the syllabus. Once the pupil is able to understand these parts of the curriculum he lays more stress on the important parts. Hence he is able to score good marks in the exam.