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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Form Four - Exams with Answers - Download All Subjects (Solved Exams)

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We have:

Mid-Term and Terminal Exams

Pre-Mock and Mock Exams

Pre-Necta and Necta Exams 

To download the Exams with Answers, click the links below:







Importance of Solving Past Papers

Boost students’ confidence

Previous year’s questions papers allow applicants to practise questions that may appear in the final examinations. It instils confidence in the students. They believe that they will effectively implement the answers in the exam because they have solved these questions. It is critical for students since it motivates them in the stressful environment of the board exams and common entrance exams. According to research, a confident student always performs far better than other students.



Plan your studies accordingly


The foremost step after analysing their strengths and weaknesses should be to start working to improve them. This would also prepare them for the expected difficulty level of the exam papers. 

Now, it can be seen that solving previous year question papers will help the students score good marks in the board exams. So, a student who’s going to appear for Board exams should definitely download and practice as many of the same as possible. It would help them in getting good marks in examinations.



Practice makes a man perfect


In order to be well prepared for the exams, a student should be thorough with all the topics included in the curriculum. They should keep enough time to revise the subject before the exams. These previous year question papers provided by Msomi Bora can help the students to evaluate their performance. It would help them to see where they lack in their preparation and how to fill the knowledge gap in it. This would help them prepare better for their exams.