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Monday, June 13, 2022

Itilima | Mock Exams | Form Four | 2022

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How you can help your child

The easiest way to take part in your child’s academic success is to:

Ensure your child is on time every day

Showing up late to school every day can put a strain on your child’s ability to keep up academically. Teaching your child how to go to sleep on time and properly set their alarm clock will help them become more accountable.


Check their homework 

Make sure your child has completed their homework on time and tried their best. Some children may try to blow through homework to begin play time, it is important to stay firm and prevent access to their leisurely activities until everything is complete.


Stay involved with their academics

Take an active role in your child’s academic success. Ask your child how their school day was and actively listen to their complaints or praises. Meet your child’s teacher and develop a rapport that allows you to bounce off ideas that could benefit your child in their home and school life. Allow the child to host play dates to see who their friends are and how well they get along with others.