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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Bunda | Mock Exams | Form Two | 2022

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Effective Classroom

Frequent and Successful Assessment

Students need to understand what is expected of them not only as it pertains to behavior, but also in terms of academics. Teachers in effective classrooms communicate with students about what they should be learning and track progress often. Make assessment a norm in your classroom and use it to inform your teaching.

Systems for assessing student growth include daily charts, weekly updates, monthly progress reports, and quizzes. Effective classrooms include regular formative and summative assessment. Not everything needs to be formally graded, but any grading you choose to do should be done quickly and include some form of feedback, however brief, to let students know how they did.

Students should know before you grade them exactly how you will be grading. If you are going to be using a rubric, explain its parts to your students. If you are going to be looking for anything in particular, tell them what that is. Whatever criteria you are using to define success, share it with your students so that everyone is on the same page.