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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Itilima | Mock Exams | Form Two | 2022

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Form Two Mock Examinations 2022


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Effective Classroom must be:

Authentic and Purposeful Learning

Students should be able to make connections between what they are learning in school and real life. These authentic connections are essential for effective teaching. You will not be able to communicate the importance of any subject if you do not help students see how it relates to them they should never wonder why a particular subject is being taught.

Work to make learning personal for your students by giving them a purpose and an audience. Introduce topics in terms of how they relate to students. Gradually place the responsibility of finding this out on your students until they are able to do this for themselves.

When it comes time for them to demonstrate what they've learned about a subject, give them an authentic audience outside of the classroom to share their learning with. You should let them know who their audience will be as far ahead of time as possible.