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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tanga | Mock Exams | Standard Seven | 2022

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Solving Papers helps in:

Developing exam-temperament

Hard-working? Check. Intelligent? Check. Ability to handle pressure? Not check? Result: Underachievement. Exam-temperament is the game changer which is apparent only when you give papers, and nowhere else. You’ll frequently see that kid, who you never thought of as anything more than average, do MUCH better in tests than you. That is the effect of exam-temperament. On the day, exam-temperament will play as big a role as hard-work, dedication and effort did during the preparation.

Strategize like a general

Strategy is the most under-rated trick to crack any competitive exam. However, believe me when I say that having a framework on which to attempt your paper will ease that attempt. Planning your strategy before a paper is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. When you get all those questions in front of you, your head WILL buzz, and you will start going after random questions. Strategy is important in that it will help calm your brain, and go after the paper logically.