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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Morogoro | Mock Exams | Standard Seven | 2022

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The Benefits of Solving Papers

Help to gauge the competition

Alone and isolated, it is easy to get elated about stuff you are able to do, or depressed about stuff you are unable to do. This is because you MAY NOT be knowing about other students’ reactions while doing the same thing. You need a relative platform, which will help you in assessing where you are standing, and what you can improve on.


You’ll know your weaknesses and strengths, maybe after the first test paper itself

Every topic appears almost equally easy when you solve it from a book. However, you’ll realize whether you actually know the topic only after facing it in the sample papers. A thorough knowledge of strengths and weaknesses is absolutely essential to deciding your strategy to attempt the paper(will be elaborated later on).