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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Dar Es Salaam | Mock Exams | Standard Seven | 2022

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Standard Seven Mock Examinations 2022


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Imprtance of Solving Previous Papers

Best practice you can get at that stage


Believe it or not, you WILL run out of new types questions after a certain time. That is when procrastination and nonchalance will seep into your work. These two heavy-sounding words actually mean something quite easy in the context of your preparation- you destroying whatever it is that you’ve toiled for, right at the business end of your prep. This is where sample papers come in. However, chilled-out an aspirant might be, to some degree they won’t want to do badly in a sample paper. Normal students may even get scared by the prospect of facing full-length sample papers.


However, that fear is what will make you study through this period of drudgery and extreme boredom. Sample papers will keep you on your toes with respect to your preparation, and that is the single biggest thing you could ask for.