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Friday, February 18, 2022

Noun Exercises with Answers


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We have Three Exercises with Answers

Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3


Noun Exercises with Answers

QN 1Write the nouns in the following sentences and state their kind also.

  1. The train stopped at the station.
  2. A pack of cards is kept on the table.
  3. The Taj Mahal is a beautiful building.
  4. This necklace is made of gold.
  5. The fireman could not put out the fire.
  6. My family is going to Lucknow.
  7. The Ganga is a holy river.
  8. Many new plants have been planted in the garden.
  9. The shepherd took his flock of sheep to the grassland.
  10. A crowd gathered around the injured man.


  1. Train (Common Noun), Station (Common Noun)
  2. Pack (Collective Noun), Cards (Table Common Noun)
  3. Taj Mahal (Proper Noun), Building (Common Noun)
  4. Necklace (Common Noun), Gold (Material Noun)
  5. Fireman (Common Noun), Fire (Abstract Noun)
  6. Family (Collective Noun), Lucknow (Proper Noun)
  7. Ganga (Proper Noun), River (Common Noun)
  8. Plants (Common Noun), Garden (Common Noun)
  9. Shepherd (Common Noun), Sheep (Common Noun), Grassland (Common Noun), Flock (Collective Noun)
  10. Crowd (Collective Noun), Man (Common Noun)

QN 2. Fill in the blanks with a suitable noun.

  1. There is a _________________ of keys on the table.
  2. Our _________________ won the match.
  3. The Bible is a holy _________________ of the Christians.
  4. The Nile is the longest_________________
  5. Sachin is a famous _________________
  6. Furniture is made of _________________ and _________________.
  7. A _________________ can live only in water.
  8. The _________________ ran away with all the money.
  9. _________________ is the best policy.
  10. The story of the _________________ and the tortoise is very famous.


  1. bunch
  2. team
  3. book
  4. river
  5. cricketer
  6. wood; steel
  7. fish
  8. thief
  9. honesty
  10. hare

QN 3. Arrange the following nouns in Proper, Common, Collective, Abstract, Material.

Table, rain, box, mob, tiger, Delhi, car, gold, ground, bat, football, soldier, Vishnu, England, Shakespeare, silver, bed, bunch, flock, mountain, bangle, Ox, honesty, intelligence, Mumbai


Proper: Rain, Delhi, Vishnu, England, Shakespeare, Mumbai

Common: Table, Box, Tiger, Car, Ground, Bat, Football, Soldier, Bed, Mountain, Bangle, Ox

Collective: Mob, Bunch, Flock

Abstract: Honesty, Intelligence

Material: Gold, Silver


Noun Exercise with Answers

Read the following sentences. Underline the countable nouns and circle the uncountable nouns.

(i) He stored the information on his computer.
(ii) She spread the towel on the sand.
(iii) There is barely any furniture in the room.
(iv) The tired people sat down on the ground.
(v) An old song was playing on the radio.
(vi) The band played music all evening.
(vii) Freshly baked bread has a delicious smell.
(viii) He prefers to do his research on the internet.


(i) He stored the information on his computer
(ii) She spread the towel on the sand room
(iii) There is barely any furniture in the room
(iv) The tired people sat down on the ground
(v) An old song was playing on the radio
(vi) The band played music all evening.
(vii) Freshly baked bread has a delicious smell
(viii) He prefers to do his research on the internet


Noun Exercise with no Answers

Correct the errors of nouns in the following sentences:

(i) We always cherished Sehwag’s inning.
(ii) This book has lot of informations.
(iii) Syllabus of all courses have been completed.
(iv) My spectacle have imported lenses.
(v) Teachers overdose their children with advices.
(vi) He bought five kilograms watermelon.
(vii) Five Lakhs is not easy to collect.
(viii) All newses content are made sensational.
(ix) Use multiple formulae to find solution.
(x) Mathematics is a subject of practise and preparation.