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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Pre-Necta Exams for Form Six - All Regions

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Pass your Final Exams now

For many of us, finals week is a nightmare of stress and anxiety. To prevent this experience from becoming overwhelming, we’ve put together this top guide to final exam preparation so you can walk in on test day full of confidence!


Don’t rely on all-night study sessions right before the test

New international students hear horror stories from older students about all-night study sessions, often called cramming, in the hours leading up to their final exams. All-night cramming, way too much caffeine, and bleary, tired eyes are not the best option for students who want to do well on a final exam. Avoid these last-minute study strategies if you can. Too often, procrastination, or putting off your studies until finals week, can lead to poor grades.

Time management in the last few days before finals week will be essential to your success. By planning out your study sessions, eliminating distractions, and gathering all your study guides, you will put yourself in the best position on exam day.


Change up Your Study Space

Without a doubt, it’s essential to have a quiet, peaceful study space. However, research has shown that varying where you study actually improves learning. Shake up your routine! Try studying in different rooms in your house or apartment, or alternate between the study area, the library, your favorite cafe, and the public park. It will help you to retain what you need to know and keep you energized, so your finals prep doesn’t become a chore.