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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Mara - Mitihani ya Mock - Darasa la Saba - 2021

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Characteristics of a Good School

A safe learning environment for students

Good schools have environments that are safe for students physically and emotionally. It is a supportive community where the teachers and students collaborate and focus on achieving better learning. Hence, it is free of negative behaviours, like bullying and harassment. Instead of using punishment to discipline the students, the school might focus on preventing student misbehaviours by implementing disciplinary actions that are safe for the student and helpful to the community, such as letting the students do social work or community service for a certain period.


High levels of family and community involvement.

Finally, successful schools embrace the “village mentality” of leaning on family and community members to help with education. Support from parents and guardians is a vital part of Read Naturally programs. In addition, Read Naturally has many friends and partners in the industry to help us in our mission of improving literacy for as many students as possible.


Reliable support staff

 Good schools have excellent support staff (e.g., nurse, doctor, guidance counsellor and psychologist) who are geared to help meet the needs of all the students. Additionally, the school connects with the best suppliers or service providers who deliver quality products (e.g., school playground equipment, school supplies, art supplies and library supplies) and efficient services that meet the needs of the school community.