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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Pre-Necta Exams for Form Four - All Regions

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Preparations for the Final Exams

Become Involved from Day One

Keeping up with all readings and assignments throughout the semester will minimize the time you need to prepare for finals. Attend class punctually and regularly. While you may be able to borrow a friend’s notes if you miss a class, this will never compare to being consistently present.


Study with Classmates

In addition to making friends, forming study groups in each of your classes is a valuable and fun way to review for tests. Working together helps develop good study habits, increases collaboration on group projects, and boosts confidence. “Find a partner to compare notes with,” Oliver adds. “You can work together, study together, help each other, and push each other to be better.”


Don’t Just Study Hard – Study Smart

For each subject, be sure to make a list of the course materials and the chapters that you’ve covered in the course. Consider how difficult each chapter or type of material was for you and write your evaluation next to it. You can use labels such as easy, somewhat difficult or extremely difficult; this will help you determine how much time you should spend on each chapter or area. It is also useful to study the difficult parts first; in this fashion, you will have more time before the exam to address particular difficulties or areas you really need help with.