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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mtwara | Mock Exams | Form Four | 2021

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These suggestions towards better handling exam season are often repeated, but not always applied by students. U of T provides programs and services to combat stress but fails to reach out to all students. It’s important to seek out these resources if you’re experiencing stress.

Let’s Talk Health is currently working on an app that provides all the information about services at the touch of your finger. Andrew, the app developer, says, “I think it’s a matter of communicating the resources that are there and making it more accessible for the students to reach the information.”

Some stress is natural, and inevitable. To combat the exam season blues, take advantage of campus resources and do your best to stay organized and healthy. “Exams, by nature, are stressful,” adds Ju “It doesn’t matter what the exam is. Everyone is going to have a little bit of stress.”