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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Shinyanga | Mock Exams | Form Four | 2021

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Become Hapy in your Exams

Maintain a Study Routine

It is not just about how you study however, but also how you maintain it. For postgraduates, the challenge can be particularly tricky. You’re somewhat working more to your own schedule, so the temptation to go off track is particularly high. The best way to overcome this is to plan ahead. Create a schedule, establish a routine and find simple solutions to things that normally knock you off track. Maybe you get demotivated by untidiness and you get overwhelmed by clutter… The solution? Spend 5 minutes at the end of each day tidying your study space. You’ll thank yourself later!

One often under-appreciated but vital thing is to save documents securely and in an accessible way. If your files are not easy to get to, it makes it harder to locate stuff after the Christmas Break and this will make studying seem that much more daunting. If all of your studying is online, keep everything organised, in folders and name your documents in a sensible way. If you prefer paper copies, file your notes and separate into topics. This will make it so much easier to refer back to your notes for assignments or recap your main points when revising.