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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Mock Exams for Standard Four - 2021

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Think This before Exams

Focus On Yourself and Don’t Compare to Others

When students compare themselves to others, their confidence is dependent on those around them, and is not within their control. This is stressful and increases fear of failure. Alternatively, focusing on themselves and what they can control will increase confidence. Reminding themselves of what they can do will help them to feel more confident in their ability to perform.

How You Have Overcome Setbacks

Research into mental resilience of Olympic champions has shown how overcoming setbacks has helped them deal with future challenges. Encourage students to think back to previous setbacks that they have had and what was successful in helping them overcome these.

See the Exam as a Challenge, not a Threat

If something is perceived as a threat, it is more likely to cause stress. Athletes who reframe an event as a challenge, as opposed to a threat, increase their performance. Instead of thinking about the potential negative consequence of a failed exam, they should reframe the exam as an opportunity to succeed. The increase in stress caused by focusing on 'what if it goes wrong' will also hinder their sleep quality the night before an exam.

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep duration and quality have a significant impact on a number of factors associated with exam performance. Getting a good night's sleep will help students by improving their memory and concentration. If a student can't sleep before an exam it can have a negative impact on mood, with more focus being placed on negative thoughts.