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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Ubungo | Mock Exams | Standard Four | 2021

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Be Confident in Exams


Many students will be familiar with that shaky, nauseous feeling you can sometimes get as you enter the exam hall. But there are ways you can ease these feelings. Victor Zhou, a student from Shanghai, has these tips for controlling anxiety: ‘Before entering the exam hall, I feel very nervous, even though I know I’m well-prepared. Try to breathe more slowly and deeply, and say to yourself: ‘Take it easy, just relax’. You’ll find the anxiety often passes quite quickly and you can concentrate on the questions.’

Be Prepared

The best route to confidence in the exam hall is knowing you’ve prepared as much as you can. ‘Know a bit about every topic in the relevant module,’ advises Esinam Baeta, an affiliate from Ghana. ‘This way you will feel confident enough to talk about any topic relevant to the question.’ Question spotting is not recommended. Know your way around the syllabus.

Keep In Time

Keeping track of time in the exam hall can be difficult when you are concentrating on completing your exam. Deonarine Gopaul, a student from Guyana, suggests a way to avoid this: ‘I plan the exact time that each question should be finished. This stops me panicking in the exam, wondering whether I’m going to finish or not.’