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Monday, October 11, 2021

Mbeya | Pre-Necta Exams | Form Four | 2021

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Form Four Pre-Necta Examinations 2021


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Make Confidence in Exams

Positive Imagery

Visualising successful performance has been found to increase confidence. Spending time imagining a positive experience will also help students manage nerves. Pictures are better than words. Picturing yourself doing well has been found to be more effective at enhancing mood and reducing anxiety than telling yourself you will do well. It is worth noting that there are some potential downsides to daydreaming about your future success, as discussed here, but these relate to behaviour and self-control strategies over a long period of time. Thinking positively for a few minutes the evening before an exam (and once you've put in the hard work) shouldn't affect this, and it will help boost your mood. 


Remember Your Previous Best

Thinking about previous positive experiences will help improve confidence. Students should remind themselves of a successful exam to help them feel more confident about an upcoming one. They should think about what helped them do well in this previous exam and how they can apply that now. This is a metacognition exercise that is also a good skill to develop throughout the year.