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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


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Schemes of Work 2024

Kenya Notes

NECTA 2017
Study carefully photograph provided then answer the questions that follow:

a) Suggest the title of the photograph   
    Ground Photograph

b) (i) Name the type of forest seen in the photograph 
    Artificial Forest (Coniferous Forest)

    (ii) Give two characteristics of the forest named in (i)
     - The trees are mainly for soft wood        
     - Most the trees are of high commercial value

c) Outline three ways of interpreting the photograph
The photograph given is GROUND PHOTOGRAPH, it is interpreted by looking the following ways: 
  1. If horizon easily seen at the backward of the photograph. 
  2. If fore image look larger than middle and backward of the photograph. 
  3. If some of fore object hide back and middle object of the photograph.
  4. If only one side of the object seen. 
  5. If scale of the photograph increase backward.
1.      By determining the title on the photograph.
2.      By interpreting vegetation on the photograph.
3.       By interpreting climate shown on the photograph

d) (i) Identify the product in the middle ground of the photograph   

    (ii) Give two uses of the product in the middle ground of the photograph     
     - They are used as building materials, e.g: poles    
     - They are used in making furniture, e.g: tables, chairs