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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


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NECTA 2018
Study the following photograph and answer the questions that follow:

(a) Giving two reasons, name the type of photograph.
The type of photograph is Low Oblique photograph due to the following reasons:
- It covers a relatively small area.
- It shows both top view and front view
- The horizon is not easily seen at the backward of the photograph
- The objects have a more familiar view, comparable to viewing from the top of a high hill or tall building.

(b) Suggest the type of settlement pattern and give one factor that has influenced it.
The photograph involves two types of settlement patterns which are:
Linear settlement pattern because of the building arranged along the road 
Nucleated Settlement pattern because the buildings are very close to each other 

(c) Suggest two economic activities that might take place in the area. 
Two economic activities which might take place on the photograph given are:
Transportation activities due to the presence of road on a photograph. 
- Trade activities - due to the presence of booth on a photograph, and many people in urban areas are engaging in trade

(d) Provide three advantages of photographs over map.
Three advantages of photographs over maps are:
- Photographs are very cheap to make while Maps are very expensive
- Photographs are not consumed a lot of time while Maps are consuming a lot of time.
- The scales of Photographs are variable while the scales of Maps are constant.