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Friday, August 3, 2018


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NECTA 2016
Study the photograph given below then answer the questions that follow:

a) Name the type of photograph    
    Ground Photograph                                                                                                            

b) Give three characteristics of the type of photograph in (a) above
    Characteristics of Ground Photograph are: 
    - It shows the only side or front view of the objects
    - The foreground objects look larger than the middle and background objects
    - The scale decrease from the foreground to the background   
    - It shows the horizon at the background of the photographic area 

c) Explain four possible factors which may cause the loss biodiversity in the photograph
1. Poaching, this is illegal hunting of animals and may lead to disappearance of animals
2. Deforestation, this is cutting down of trees and may lead disappearance of animals and plants
3. Bush Fire, this is burning of plants and may lead to disappearance of plants and animals 
4. Agriculture, like cultivation and overgrazing within the area may lead plants and animals to disappear
5. Pests and diseases can kill large number of giraffe
d) In three points, describe the importance of vegetation shown in the area 
    - Providing food and habitats for the animals like giraffes, buffaloes, elephants
    - Providing habitats for the animals like monkeys   
    - Providing medicine like of natural herbs    
    - Source of Rainfall this is giving off vapour to the sky through stomata
    Oxygen, vegetation releases oxygen and sequesters carbon.
   - Soil development, vegetation  affects soil development over time, generally contributing to a more productive soil.