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Friday, August 3, 2018


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NECTA 2015
Carefully study the photograph given below then answer the questions that follow:

a) Name the type of photograph 
    Low Oblique Photograph due to the following reasons: 
    - The image on the photo shows both top and side views  
    - Foreground objects look larger than middle and background
    - The horizon is not easily seen at the backward of the photograph

b) Describe the relief of the area  
    Relief of the area is:        
    - Mountainous areas  
    - Highlands with various hills at the backward

c) Giving two reasons, describe the scale of production of the crop in the photograph 
      Small Scale Agriculture   
      - Size of the farm, the area of the farm look small    
      - More than one crop grown in the farm as it is seen at the backward

d) Explain two uses of the crop (maize) in the photograph
    - Providing food to the human beings   
    - Feeding animals like pigs, cattle and poultry
Corn silk (maize long shiny fibers) is used for bladder infections, inflammation of the urinary system, inflammation of the prostate, kidney stones, and bed wetting. It is also used to treat congestive heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, and high cholesterol levels.

e) Describe three conditions necessary for the production of the crop  
    - Moderate rainfall of about 896 mm especially in the growing period   
    - Temperature of about 18°c
    - Soilthe best suitable soil for maize is deep and rich soils of the sub-tropics

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