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Friday, August 3, 2018


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NECTA 2014                                                           
Study the photograph given below and then answer the questions that follow:

a) With two reasons, identify the type of the photograph    
    High Oblique Photograph because of:    
    - It displays both top and side views of buildings  
    - Horizon is easily at the backward of the photographic area   
   - The area get larger from the foreground, then small to middle and backward of the photograph
    - The photograph taken when a camera is slanting at an angle less than 90°
   - The photographer is standing on an elevated ground and hold the camera on an angle towards the lower ground

b) Identify the type of the settlement pattern seen on the photograph  
   Nucleated Settlement Pattern because the buildings are seen to be compacted and close to one another

c) Name two economic importance of the area shown on the photograph
Manufacturing, industrial activities are common in urban area due to easy access to the market 
Trade, presence of large buildings indicate trading activities like hotels, banks and rented 
 buildings, and it is common activity in town areas
Revenue collected by government after rent their buildings boost economy of a country
Employment opportunity due to offices shown on the photograph

d) Explain two social and environmental problems that are likely to occur in the area
1. Environmental Pollution  like water, land, air and noise pollution due to high concentration of and various activities like manufacturing  
2. Emergence of Crimes like theft and robbery since in  urban areas there is high competition for jobs so many people become jobless  
3. Eruption of Diseases like cholera and HIV/AIDS due to high concentration of people and environmental pollution
4. Overpopulation