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Friday, August 3, 2018


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NECTA 2013                           
Study the photograph provided below, and then answer the questions that follow:                                

a) Identify the type of the photograph. Give concrete evidence to justify your answer 
    High Oblique Photograph due to the following reasons:      
    - It shows both top and side views of features like the buildings  
    - Its scale reduce progressively from the foreground to the background 
    - It shows the horizon at the background of the photograph 
    - The photograph taken when a camera is slanting at an angle less than 90°

b) By providing evidence from the photograph, describe the relief of the area  
    Relief is physical appearance of an area or land, the relief of an area is:  
   Lowland coastal region because the area lies towards the sea at the background of photographed area

c) Explain three possible factors which have contributed to the growth of this town
1. Relief, the area is located in lowland landscape which influences the people to establish various settlements and infrastructures      
2. Water body, presence of sea at the background of photograph attracts many people to construct various house and infrastructures  
3. Trade, presence of sea and harbor influence the growth of town due different trading activities 
4. Transport, presence of sea encourage easy transportation of people and goods

d) Apart from providing shade, explain any other three advantages of the vegetation shown on the photograph    
   - Providing oxygen gas to the human beings and absorb the carbon dioxide gas
   - Preventing soil erosion, since the vegetation cover and protect the land  
   - Decoration of town, they provide a good view and make the area attractive
   - Source of rainfallvegetation act as a  source of rainfall to the area