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Thursday, August 2, 2018


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Schemes of Work 2024

Kenya Notes

NECTA 2010 
Carefully study the photograph provided below and then answers the questions that follow:

a) Name the crop shown in the photograph  

b) Mention the natural conditions which favour the growth of the crop  
    - Well drained soils 
    - Slight rainfall 
    - High temperature       
    - Fertile soil

c) Tanzania is very famous in growing the crop mentioned in (a) above. Name the regions of Tanzania which grow the crop at commercial level    
    - Morogoro   
    - Tanga
    - Kilimanjaro

d) With concrete evidence, explain the scale of production as shown on the photograph  
Large scale production because of the following reasons:  
1. The farm or plantation  has covered Large Area    
2. Use of Mechanized Methods due to the presence of road which allows the movement of modern machines like tractors and other transport vehicles     
3. Absence of people’ settlement nearby the plantation which means that there is high use of chemicals