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Thursday, August 2, 2018


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Kenya Notes

NECTA 2010 (PC)    
Carefully study the photograph provided below and then answers the questions that follow:

a)  At what time was the photograph taken? Give reasons for your answer  
     Morning Hours due to the following reasons:  
    - Tea harvesting is usually done in the morning in order to maintain the quality of the tea leaves because during the noon the tea leaves tend to shrink due sunrays                             

b) Determine the growing stage which has been reached by the crop             
    Harvesting or Picking Stage

c) Name the physical factors which favour the growth of the crop shown in the foreground and middle ground of the photograph 
    - Cool Temperature of about 15°C     
    - Moderate Rainfall from 1000 to 1300mm                        
    - Sloping Land  
    - well drained soil

d) With reason(s) mention the type of the photograph
    Low Oblique Photograph due to the following reasons:
    - It shows both the top and front view of the image                                                        
    - The horizon is not seen