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Thursday, August 2, 2018


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NECTA 2009                                                                                    
Study the photograph provided, then answer the questions that follow:

a) What type of photograph is this? Give reasons for your answer  
    Ground or Horizontal Photograph due to the following reasons:  
    - It shows the side or front view of the image  
    - The foreground objects look larger than the middle and background objects   
    - The horizon is easily seen from the background of the object              

b) With evidence suggest the type of climate of the place where this photograph was taken
    Tropical or Savannah Climate because of scattered tall trees with small leaves to retain water during the dry season

c) What kind of activity is taking place in the area?  

d) What will happen if the activity in (c) above takes place in your local environment? 
    The impact of deforestation (cutting down of trees) in the local areas is 
    - Desertification, due to clearance of trees 
    - Loss of biodiversity, both plants and animals
    - Drought, due to destruction of trees which protect water sources 
   - Soil erosion, due to destruction of trees and grasses which protect and cover the  land