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Thursday, August 2, 2018


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NECTA 2011                                                                   
Carefully study the following photograph and answer the questions that follow:

a) Suggest the type of the photograph by giving two reasons 
    High Oblique Photograph due to the following reasons:   
    - It shows both top and side views of features like the buildings         
    - Its scale reduce progressively from the foreground to the background    
    - It shows the horizon at the background of the photograph

b) Suggest any four economic activities that might be taking place in the area shown on the photograph             
1. Fishing, this is evidenced by the presence of water body (ocean) at the central part of
2. Trade, the area is town where trading activities is common   
3. Transportation, this is proved by the presence of ships and boats on the water body     
4. Manufacturing, this is also proved by the presence of industries at the left background of photograph, likewise this a common activity urban areas

c) Comment on the nature of the settlement pattern as it is portrayed on the photograph
   - Nucleated Settlement since the buildings are very close to each other  
   - Linear Settlement since the buildings are built along the cost of water body                 

d) Explain the relief of the area  
- Lowland coastal region with extensive plain surface which has allowed the establishment of settlements