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Monday, July 9, 2018


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12. Studying Chemistry Lets You Acknowledge the Impact of Environmental Pollution

There is no doubt that environmental pollution is a global problem. But how does it really affect life on the Earth? To be able to understand the impact of environmental pollution on living beings and the atmosphere, it is essential to have knowledge of basic chemistry. And believe it or not, you do not need to study environmental chemistry to understand how pollution works. Studying chemistry is enough to get a general idea of how to improve the environment and protect our planet from contamination. 


13. It can prepare you for further studies

A good grounding in chemistry can give you a competitive edge when it comes to further studies in a STEM field such as biology, geology, physics, or engineering. It will also help you better understand complex concepts in other areas such as nutrition, environmental sciences, and biochemistry.


14. Chemistry is used in law

Chemistry is involved in the legal field in a few ways. Chemists can work in intellectual property, examining copyright issues and filing for approval from regulating agencies. Before giving this approval, agencies need to know the chemical makeup of products and how they might affect people and the environment. A chemist is the best person to explain this information. Chemists can also be found in forensics. They analyze physical evidence at crime scenes and help law enforcement understand how crimes occurred.


15. Chemistry is everywhere

Chemistry is the study of the building blocks of our world. Everything you touch, wear, eat or drink is the result of a chemical process. By studying chemistry, you learn how the world works and how items, such as medicines, get manufactured.

16. Studying Chemistry Boosts Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

As chemistry is all about understanding different concepts and solving problems rather than learning random sentences by heart, it boosts various skills, including creative thinking. Besides, identifying and understanding concepts, doing research, and brainstorming are parts of studying chemistry, meaning that it also enhances your problem-solving skills.