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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Form Four - Mock Exams with Answers - 2024 | Download | All Regions | All Subjects - (Solved Exams)

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Learning Environment

I believe the most important aspect in a safe and positive learning environment is the rapport between a teacher and his or her students. When the students understand that their teacher cares about them and wants them to do well, students feel comfortable asking questions, making mistakes and taking risks in order to learn something new. To build these kinds of relationships, the teacher should take interest in each student's strengths and interests, as well as their struggles and frustrations. He or she needs to act as a positive model for learning and celebrating achievements.


A learning environment is forever ‘under construction.’ It will need to be constantly adapted to suit your students’ needs. Wherever you are in your teaching career, it’s important to take the time to reflect upon the learning environment which your students experience. This reflection will help you to consider which elements need strengthening or altering in order to bolster the teaching and learning provision on offer.


Working to create a more positive school culture may seem like a waste of time to some school administrators who face a host of more pressing issues at school. However, creating a happier place for people to work and learn can help prevent some of the more pressing issues from occurring in the first place. In fact, some states see school climate as such an important matter that they have included school climate surveys in their ESSA plans.