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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Rufiji - Solved Exams | Pre-Mock | Form Four 2024 - (Download Exams with Answers)

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Rufiji Pre-Mock Exams with Answers (Marking Schemes)

Form Four | Pre - Mock Examinations - March 2024

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Presence of Clean Air in Schools

Nowhere is clean air more important than in education. Children are particularly prone to the effects of poor air quality and education is crucial for the young to improve their chances in life. It is imperative they are given every opportunity to succeed and are not held back by issues out of their control, of which, unclean air is a major one.


Because of the fact that we spend, on average, around 90% of our time indoors (a number which has been on the increase for the past half century), it is more important now than ever before that the quality of the air we breathe in is of a sufficiently high enough level.