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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Usajili wa Watahiniwa wa Kujitegemea Necta 2024 - Form Two and Four Registration (Ftna na Csee)


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Advantages of Group Discussion for Students

1. It helps in learning more

It increases your understanding of a subject or lesson. Group discussion opens avenues for you to learn more. You come across new facts about the topic. Sometimes you might have skipped learning some important aspects of a topic which other students may have grasped while studying the same topic. When you discuss it with friends, you also learn all these areas which you have omitted during your study, but other students have covered them. Sometimes, you may face some difficulties in learning a topic, when you discuss it with other students; it becomes easier for you to understand the topic with clarity.


2. Better understanding of the subject

GD offers a great opportunity to the discussants to take a deep dive into the subject, and understand it profoundly. It expands the horizon of knowledge and learning. In addition, it extends a chance to the participants to improve their abilities to think critically and develop their analytical skills.


3.   It helps in generating more ideas about a topic

Group discussion involves an exchange of ideas where important things are learnt from each other. Learning only from textbooks is not always enough. You may also need to acquire learning from other sources to understand a topic fully. Different sources of learning are available to different students. Hence, during group discussions, the students come across new ideas gained from different sources by the students. When many minds brainstorm on a topic, it helps them generate new ideas; which are necessary for conceptual learning of a subject.


4.   To Promote Critical Thinking

Group discussion in teaching promotes the development of critical thinking, a talent that can be learned through practice. Students need to practice asking questions and listening attentively to the answers. Through group discussions, students are given opportunities to practice these skills.


5.   Solve problems

Since GD brings together a group of people holding diverse opinions, it also perceived as one of the sought after ways to arrive at solutions to problems. Because of the fact that people bring in a wide range of insights, GDs help in changing the thought process from a narrow to a wider view, thereby paving the way to solutions.