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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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Presence of Drinking Water in Schools

Drinking sufficient fluids can have a tremendously positive impact of children’s health It’s especially important for kids to stay hydrated so they can perform at their best!


Unfortunately, students often choose sugar-sweetened beverages to accompany their meals.  Water is a healthy, inexpensive alternative to these drinks.  Choosing water over these sugary beverages can also help with weight management.


Young children have a higher proportion of water in their bodies than adults – and are therefore more likely to become dehydrated. Dehydration can cause an array of cognitive and behavioural problems which can impact students’ ability to learn, giving schools an incentive to encourage positive water drinking habits.


Water Helps Boost Energy

Some of the negative effects of not drinking enough water are daytime fatigue, lethargy and headaches. This can greatly impact students’ performance in school. Students who don’t drink enough water also get tired very easily and may feel drowsy, which can affect their concentration level. Thus, one can easily tackle all of the problems by simply ensuring that students are drinking/sipping on water throughout the day, which can help boost energy. One of the new trends that have been largely adopted by schools all over is the ‘water bell initiative’. Here, school authorities ring water bell at regular intervals, ensuring that students drink plentiful water during schools’ hours. This has created more awareness among the school kids about the importance of drinking more water.