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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Form Five Selection 2023 - Allocation to different Schools and Colleges


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Form Five Selection in Tanzania refers to the process of assigning students to various secondary schools in Tanzania after they complete their Form Four national examinations. In Tanzania, the education system consists of two levels of secondary education: Ordinary Level (O-Level) and Advanced Level (A-Level). Form Five corresponds to the first year of A-Level education.

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Why High School Is Important?


The time spent in high school can be viewed as the final “incubation period” in which teens can learn, explore, and prepare for the future higher education, professional career, and adulthood that is to follow. High school is the perfect opportunity to figure out your strengths and interests and set yourself up for a future of success, for those who use their time wisely.

In high school, students can attempt an activity or a subject and determine that it isn’t their favourite; however, once a student is pursuing a major in college or professional career, deciding the topic or industry is no longer of interest has greater consequences.