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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Notes - Darasa la Pili - AFYA na MAZINGIRA - Sura Zote


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TIE (Tanzania Institute of Education)

The Benefits of Cleanliness in School?


A school is a place for education, and it’s also a place where kids can socialize and develop skills that will help them later in life. When it comes to making sure school is a safe environment, the importance of cleanliness in school cannot be overlooked.

As the facility manager or the headmaster of a school, you need to make sure that the school building always stays clean. From classrooms and hallways to cafeteria and administrative offices, you and your staff must maintain the cleanliness in your school every day. For many students and teachers, they spend most of their time at school. So, maintaining cleanliness in school is vital for many reasons.


1. It provides a clean learning environment for students

A learning environment free from mess contributes to the image, ethos and perceptions of your school. The classroom environment has a huge impact on how well we learn, as it's been found that cleaner schools tend to outperform the dirtier ones.

Having dirty classrooms will inevitably impact the learning of students and therefore, the overall classroom performance of your students. In addition, students will find it much easier to focus on tasks and classes that consist of a neat, organised and clean environment, compared with a chaotic learning environment that makes it easy to be distracted and focus on tasks.


2. Keeping your school clean helps to reduce health risks

Keeping classrooms, equipment, floors, sports halls, canteens, washrooms, play areas and all surfaces clean, is an extremely effective way of reducing the spread of any viruses. Consistency is key when eliminating germs, so forming healthy habits by regularly keeping the school germ free and preventing the spread of infections and viruses is vital.


3. Get the Students Involved

One way to ensure that your school stays clean is to enlist the help of students. As a teacher, a clean classroom will make learning a much more pleasant experience for all.

Give your students a special task that they should complete at the end of every learning day. Whether it’s putting pencils and pens back in their cups or wiping down the desks, it’s a good way to encourage productive teamwork.

You don’t need to ask students to scrub the floors, but simple tidying up will do. Task each student with one easy thing they can do daily that will ensure your classroom stays organized.


4. Clean Schools Equal Successful Schools

When it comes down to it, the importance of cleanliness in school is related to educational success. A clean school ensures a positive and healthy environment for everyone involved.

Show your school pride with a clean facility that fosters productive learning and positivity. Work together as a team to ensure that everyone does their part to make your school a clean and safe place to learn.