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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Notes - Darasa la Pili - KUANDIKA - Sura Zote

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TIE (Tanzania Institute of Education)

The Importance of Writing Skills for Pupils/Students

Writing is one of the fundamental skills taught in schools. What starts with the introduction of the English language to alphabets and numbers advances to sentence formation, grammar, vocabulary, etc. It is needless to say that writing skills should be acquired by each student. It is a form of communication that is necessary for education as well as for any profession.


The importance of English writing skills for students can be scaled across the following benefits.


1. Because It is Vital to Academic Success

Writing, without any doubt, is a significant part of your academics.

Writing is vital to your academic success, in that it is identified as one of the most important requirements a student must satisfy to be able to earn excellent grades and also a good degree, at the end of it all.

This is why students make use of good essay writing services, they must have been able to confirm on review sites, for their essay assignments and other important academic responsibilities they have to fulfill.


2. Self-evaluation

Writing is a form of expression and self-evaluation. Poetry, prose, stories, journals, and books are forms and mediums of writing that help individuals reflect upon their most intimate thoughts. Students who are indulged in extensive studies can use writing as a form of hobby or escape to take some time off for themselves. This helps them grasp their thoughts and put them into words. Mastering the art of putting thoughts into words helps students improve their writing skills on a personal level.


3. Necessary for academic success

The academic curriculum in today’s time is focused on encouraging students to express their learning and imply it practically. Hence, for students, writing skills are at the core of their education. To support the same, schools and colleges focus on assigning writing activities like research papers, essays, reports, presentations, etc. Each academic year, the curriculum excels and so do the writing skills with these forms of assignments and exams.


4. Because It Increases the Level of Confidence

One of the least important reasons writing is important to students is because it can increase their level of confidence and even their sense of achievement, too.

You can’t deny it, completing your essays and the other writing tasks you have given a strange feeling of fulfilment that you have been able to successfully exploit your literary skills.


5. Helps choose a career path

Since writing is so deeply engraved in the academic syllabus, it gives students a chance to reflect on career options based on writing. Students can focus on improving their writing skills in school and prepare themselves for a professional writing career. There are many forms of writing, such as narrative, argumentative, research-based, creative, etc., that students can pursue based on their English writing skills.